Uploaded by Jodi Minnis on 2016-12-12.

Summer 2016, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Bahamas published a travel advisory for Bahamian students and tourists visiting certain parts of the United States of America due to tension sparked by police brutality against black people. The advisory was not well received by the US. Ironically, the US Embassy in The Bahamas and cruise lines published many travel advisories for their citizens and patrons in reference to the increasing number of crime in New Providence, The Bahamas over the past five (5) years. Paranoia was created to exist in the middle of those advisories: a caution of being black in America and a caution of the increasing crime back home. Standing amongst African Americans, a Bahamian would not be recognizable at first glance. The distinction lies in our behaviour and accent/dialect. However, the same distinction that isolates us from other nationalities in the US would not be the saving grace in The Bahamas. Moreover considering the blatant xenophobia arising in parts of the United States, would my behavior and accent/dialect be a saving grace? This work was created to navigate these things and serve as a release of concerns as a black Bahamian studying in the United States